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Leadership Diamond©


MasterVCRE240x232Expanding the leadership mind. Throughout this website presentation the basic philosophy of the Leadership Diamond© was presented, initial aviation examples were constructed and the basic requirements for successful diamond model implementation were emphasized.

In the time ahead other cockpit leadership diamond illustrations will be created and discussed. The essential strategies—Vision, Courage, Reality, Ethics—will be described within each chosen context, the need to maintain an equal balance between these strategic forces will stressed and the strengthening of these forces to stretch the leadership mind to new dimensions will be championed.

Inflight Operations
A Leadership Diamond© is a mental image. The process of introducing its basic concepts and theories and describing its application potential may seem academic but, once understood and appreciated, the diamond is visualized in real time to provide the pilot with guiding strategies. Known or potential issues are assessed and addressed and broader self-questioning will lead to improved alertness and confidence.

Cockpit leadership is multi-dimensional. Pilots build mental images of situations that exist or may exist during flight and project scenarios based on new or changing conditions. The flight environment is dynamic and pilots think and act in real time, often integrating diamond image solutions that address differing concerns.

In summary, multiple thoughts that require attention may be called up at any time during flight. Equipment anomalies, severe enroute weather, fuel requirements, minimums at destination, workload, stress, fatigue, communication difficulties—the list is lengthy. All are related. All demand attention. All require the balance of strategic forces. The diamond is the mind at work.

The Expanding Leadership Diamond©
The logo that that introduces this segment shows the expansion of the pilot’s mind as leadership skills are improved. As Peter states, “the mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension.”

Leadership requires a dedication to excellence and the diamond image that is expanding symmetrically due to its equally exerted outward forces symbolizes this dedication. Peter’s book, Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness, underscores the inner or personal side of leadership. This focus is particularly applicable to the Pilot in Command who is singularly responsible for the flight. Striving for greatness is an essential leadership quality.

The Path to Greatness
The cockpit leader is confident and self-aware. When tested by the events of the moment this pilot knows that he/she is skilled and prepared, will act with deliberate purpose, will assess capabilities honestly, and will be committed to deep-routed beliefs.

Vision: “I believe in myself”
Courage: “I will respond appropriately”
Reality: “I know my strengths and limitations”
Ethics: “My personal standards guide me”

“Know thyself!” Continued personal assessment and improvement lead to reaching greatness.

Achieving greatness requires an inner drive and personal commitment. Being genuine, trustworthy and reliable truly matter. Character counts, and being authentic in the eyes of others is a determining test of greatness potential.

Leadership Greatness
Vision: to think with clarity
Courage: to act with purpose
Reality: to resolve uncertainties
Ethics: to be authentic

Pilots may choose aviation as an avocation, as a profession or both, Strategies that are embodied in the Leadership Diamond© are available to all pilots who desire to improve their leadership abilities and further strive to achieve greatness.

Greatness means that you are an exceptionally accomplished and safe pilot while being respected for what you have accomplished and who you are.

The Pilot’s Perspective

Leadership Strategies
The previous posts in this series presented an introduction to the breadth and scope of the Leadership Diamond’s cardinal strategies—Vision, Courage, Reality, Ethics—in an operational flight environment. Every sound thought process incorporates each strategic force in equal measure; none may be overlooked.

This very human quality called “leadership,” the ability to advance progress and ensure success, is inherently embraced by each individual pilot. 

Flight Plan
Aviation.Org’s ambition is to encourage the aviation industry to further cultivate improvements in its leadership resources, education and training.

This Cockpit Leadership website offers one such opportunity by presenting a specific transformational framework that individual pilots may choose to adapt to improve their personal leadership skills,  

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