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Aviation.Org: Past, Present, Future

Robert M. Jenney secured the domain “” in 1995 and established an active website to support and promote concepts and activities related to flight safety. An active pilot for over 65 years Bob remains motivated in this endeavor based on his experiences as a military aviator, as a civilian business owner and pilot, as an educator and as government aviation official.

In the U.S, Navy Bob flew jet fighter aircraft on active duty and in the ready reserves. In addition he was trained in and flew other aircraft including multi-engine, multi-crew aircraft on anti-submarine missions.

In his civilian capacity he founded a flight testing company and acquired and leased aircraft for test and evaluation of airborne systems for government agencies and aerospace companies. Purchased aircraft were military surplus converted and licensed for airborne test purposes. In addition to fixed-wing, helicopters were operated for system testing and also for daily radio traffic patrol reporting.

Bob also established a full service fixed-base operation with designated FAA Repair Stations and quality franchises for sales, flight training and charter (Beech Aircraft), Fueling (Texaco), and Avionics (Garmin, others).

In other assignments he served as director of aviation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Aeronautics Commission overseeing general aviation airports and activities and earlier chaired a college aviation department and taught college level courses focused on aviation human factors.

Concurrent with other activities Bob published periodical and newsletter articles, presented papers at the International Symposia of Aviation Psychologists and chaired an Aviation Safety and Security Conference in Africa.

Many who may wish to subscribe to this revised website will remember the regular Cockpit Concepts and SMS Perspectives newsletters that were emailed and also posted to the earlier Often the Leadership Diamond© was referenced in these communiqués.

This revitalized website is a product of Bob Jenney’s continuing interest in aviation safety and the hope that subscribers will assume a role in improving content through active participation.

Leadership Diamond©

In the early days of Bob Jenney conducted a search for literature and educational material, including military training curricula, on the subject of leadership with the intent of incorporating accepted principles of knowledge, awareness, passion, curiosity, conviction, critical thinking and action into a meaningful concept that pilots who operate in the complex and demanding flight environment can embrace.

In his search Bob learned of philosopher Dr. Peter Koestenbaum’s innovative and refreshing approach to leadership thinking as presented in his book, Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness.1 Bob contacted Peter through the book’s publisher and, during ensuing conversations, Peter granted Bob the right to use the Leadership Diamond philosophy in the context of aviation flight operations. The two later met in 2004 at Peter’s Philosophy-in-Business2 workshop in California.

Peter’s Leadership Diamond© and its four fundamental strategies that encompass the entire leadership spectrum — Vision; Courage; Reality; Ethics — is introduced on the Home page “Explore” pop-up and is more fully described in in the subscribers’ Hangar 13 login section,

1Koestenbaum, P. Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1991. New and revised edition, 2002.
2See also, Philosophy-in-Business.