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Pilot Performance

This section addresses fundamental safety issues related to pilot performance. Its focus is on personal character and the individual as a team member. Subscribers tend to be pilots who represent the entire aviation spectrum, but certainly all who have an interest in aviation human factors are invited to join.

This section of the site was established in 1996 and has a large readership who reside in over 60 countries. The pilot-related eNewsletter is titled Cockpit Concepts, and each issue attempts to concisely highlight a topic of current interest.

Aviation.Org focuses on the human element since it is a causal or contributing factor in the great majority of aircraft accidents. Although the magnitude of the problem may be known, the solutions are less easily determined. Nevertheless, each of us can learn by realistically examining our own performances in the cockpit, by learning from our own misjudgments, and by learning from the mistakes of others.

Aviation Safety Management and SMS

The focus of this section is on organizational and management issues and addresses solutions to problems that may arise. Many subscribers are tasked with establishing and maintaining company Safety Management Systems, but certainly all involved in flight operations have personal stakes in SMS including managers at all levels, maintenance personnel, cockpit crews, cabin crews, and dispatchers. All are invited to join.

This section of the site was established in 2009 and has an expanding readership, many of whom are current Cockpit Concepts subscribers. The safety management eNewsletter is titled SMS Perspectives, and each issue attempts to highlight a pertinent SMS topic of interest.

Aviation.Org is interesting in promoting SMS as a realistic and workable approach to the conduct of safe flight operations. Subscriber input, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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