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Accident and Incident Databases

NTSB Accident Reports

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigates all aircraft accidents and issues a formal report determining probable cause at the completion of each investigation. These reports are public documents. In addition to its fully documented reports, the NTSB maintains a data base of report summaries, called either "briefs" or "synopses." Dating from 1983, over 33,000 reports have been compiled and these synopses are posted to the NTSB website. This site has a search (query) capability, or a report can be found by the date and location of the accident.

NTSB Accident Synopses (select by Query or by Date)

ASRS Incident Reports

The FAA has contracted with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to collect and analyze aviation incident reports that are submitted voluntarily and anonymously. Under this Aviation Safety and Reporting System (ASRS), NASA maintains a data base of over 70,000 ASRS incident reports dating from 1986.

Access is available to NASA ASRS incident reports by (a) search by key word or other parameters or, (b) selection of reports grouped by approximately 20 frequently requested topics with each group numbering 50 recent reports.

ASRS Incident Reports

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