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Aviation Safety Connection, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization, is chartered to provide flight safety information with particular emphasis on (a) Cockpit Leadership and Management and (b) Safety Management System (SMS) implementation and upgrading.


Founded in 1995, Aviation Safety Connection, Inc. undertook the task of fostering improved flight safety by (1) promoting a better understanding of operational judgment and decision making, and (2) presenting programs and methods that can have a positive effect in achieving safety improvements.

The motivation for undertaking this mission arises from the observation that many aircraft accidents are repetitive in nature, the result of errors in human judgment. Based on these similarities, it is apparent that the underlying issues are not fully understood by those who have the ultimate responsibility for accident prevention, aircraft pilots.

Pilot Performance

Aviation.Org was launched by Aviation Safety Connection, Inc. in early 1996 to provide information for pilots to review, analyze, and reflect with regard to leadership and management in the cockpit. In order to maintain continuous communication with its subscriber base on pilot human factors issues, an eNewsletter, Cockpit Concepts, was launched and is e-mailed to each subscriber to this eNewsletter twice monthly. Current and issues dating back to 2003 are located in Hangar 13's Ready Room in the secure subscriber section of this website. For further information, please refer to About Aviation.Org--Ready Room.

Aviation Safety Management and SMS

The role of the organization in accident prevention has been receiving increasing attention in recent years. (Professor James Reason's book, Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents was first published by Ashgate in 1997 and serves as a definitive reference.) Safety Management Systems (SMS) have evolved from the acknowledgement that an organization's policies, activities and safety culture directly affect the safety of its operations. The SMS structure follows the guidlines established by international business standards such as ISO 9000.

Consequently, an eNewsletter, SMS Perspectives, was created to communicate ideas and issues related to safety management. It is e-mailed monthly to subscribers who are interested in taking an active safety role witihin their flight orgnizations. Current and back issues are located on Hangar 13's Flight Line in the secure subscriber section of this website. For further information, please refer to About Aviation.Org--Flight Line.

In Appreciation

Dr. Peter Koestenbaum has authorized Robert M. Jenney and Aviation Safety Connection, Inc. the unique concept embodied in the Leadership Diamond® that he envisioned and developed. In his book, Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness (ISBN: 0787959561), Dr. Koestenbaum presents a mental model, the Leadership Diamond®, a simple but effect image that captures essential leadership strategies, and serves as a checklist of these fundamental principles. Its aviation application is described in the Cockpit Leadership article, Leadership / Strategic Thinking and Acting, and other articles located in the Library.

Our hope is that we have been true to Dr. Koestenbaum's underlying ideals in our adaptation of his leadership principles, and that our interpretations are worthy and faithful to his leadership philosophy. Please visit the Philosophy-in-Business website at PiB.Net to learn more about the Leadership Diamond and its application.

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Aviation Safety Connection, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization exempted from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization depends on the financial support of companies, associations and individuals to fulfill its objective of improving flight safety.

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