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Aviation.Org is Aviation Safety Connection, Inc.'s website devoted to promoting flight safety.

This site is being redesigned to reflect a safety emphasis that will build on its historical content. Please stayed tuned for the launch this updated purpose and mission statement.

Aviation.Org's History:

Since 1995 displayed newsletters, articles, videos and conversations on related fields of interest, Pilot Performance and Aviation Safety Management.

. . . Pilot Performance themes encompassed,
Cockpit Leadership | Airmanship | Cockpit Management | Command Responsibilities | Pilot Judgment | Decision Making

. . . Aviation Safety Management themes encompassed,
SMS | Safety Standards | Safety Audits | Internal Reporting | Hazard Identification | Risk Management

A large subscriber base was developed over this time period and e-newsletters were composed and distributed three times a month with many loyal readers joining in the dialgue..

Aviation.Org's Future:

Following website redesign the Login and Subscription features will be reactivated. Existing subscribers will be invited to participate and new subscribers will be welcomed.

We look forward to having you with us in the near future

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